Jbel Saghro

During winter, the High Atlas can be difficult to trek due to heavy snow, but the Jebel Saghro mountain range offers stunning winter views with fewer obstacles. As a continuation of the Anti-Atlas, Jebel Saghro has milder temperatures and trails that are generally still accessible, without the same level of challenge as those in Toubkal. Amalou n’Mansour, the highest peak, stands at 2712m, which is lower than the High Atlas peaks, making altitude sickness less of an issue. Exploring the local cave paintings is also a highlight.

When to visit Jbel Saghro ?

It is not recommended to climb Jebel Saghro during winter due to the risk of snow and freezing temperatures. The mountain range is best explored during the milder months of the year.

Where to stay ?

In Tinerhir: Hotel Tomboctou – A kasbah built for Sheikh Bassou in 1944, tastefully converted by Moroccophile Spaniard Roger Mimó, Tomboctou is one of the country’s memorable small hotels. There’s a range of tasteful and cosy rooms (all cool in summer and heated in winter) and friendly staff on hand to help with exploring the local area. There’s also a pool in the courtyard, a good restaurant and a small bar.

What to do ?

Take a desert safari from Marrakech and spend the night camping under the desert sky, marveling at the Jebel Saghro mountains during the milder months of the year.

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Jbel Saghro

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