Camel ride in Merzouga

Diverse Magical Journeys offers a range of camel trekking packages that cater to your needs, allowing you to ride through the vast Sahara Desert and have an unforgettable experience. You can choose from overnight camping trips or shorter treks lasting a few hours, both of which provide breathtaking views of the sunset and sunrise over the sand dunes. Our experienced guides will take you on a journey through the desert, where you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the surroundings and learn about the local Berber culture and traditions. During the overnight camping trip, you can enjoy a traditional dinner under the stars, live Berber music, and a comfortable night in a cozy tent. If you have limited time, our shorter treks provide an excellent opportunity to explore the desert.

How to ride a camel in Merzouga?

If you’re seeking a unique and exotic experience in Morocco, then taking a camel ride through the desert is a must-try activity. However, it’s essential to follow some guidelines and instructions provided by the person who lends or rents the camel to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.

Similar to other animals, camels need to feel at ease. It’s crucial to avoid shouting, jumping on them, or mistreating them in any way. When mounting the camel, the animal will sit on all four legs, but it will get up swiftly once it senses that you’re ready to climb aboard. Therefore, it’s recommended to mount the camel quickly and straddle it as soon as possible.

When to ride a camel in Merzouga ?

Every time is a good time for ridding a camel in dunes of Merzouga, but it is preferable to ride camel when sun is set or rise to catch the beautiful view under camel back .

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Camel ride in Merzouga

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