Day Trip to El Jadida from Casablanca

1 Day

El Jadida is a captivating coastal town located along the Atlantic coast of Morocco, approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) southwest of Casablanca. Known for its unique blend of Portuguese and Moroccan influences, El Jadida offers a fascinating glimpse into its rich history and architectural wonders.


Explore El Jadida, a lovely seaside town steeped in history and beauty, on a memorable day excursion from Casablanca. El Jadida, located on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, is a compelling blend of Portuguese influence, scenic beaches, and architectural masterpieces. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site Cité Portugaise, with its well-preserved ramparts, fascinating small lanes, and the majestic Manueline Church.

Learn about the town’s unique history as a former Portuguese stronghold while admiring the architectural magnificence. Stroll along the sandy beaches, feeling the cool ocean breeze on your face and admiring the glistening Atlantic waves. Don’t pass up the chance to experience fresh seafood delights at waterfront eateries, reveling in ocean flavors. A visit to the underground cistern, known as the Citerne Portugaise, is a must-see for history buffs, as it provides an insight into the town’s water storage system from centuries ago.

As you walk through the alleys of El Jadida, you will be intrigued by the blend of Portuguese and Moroccan architectural styles, which creates a distinctive and picturesque ambiance.

At the end of the day, go back to your accommodation in Casablanca or stay in El jadida for the one night.


  • Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of Cité Portugaise, marveling at the well-preserved ramparts
  • Visit the stunning Manueline Church within the Cité Portugaise, admiring its unique architectural features and historical significance.
  • Relax and soak up the sun on the picturesque sandy beaches of El Jadida
  • Indulge in a delectable seafood feast at one of the waterfront restaurants, savoring the flavors of freshly caught fish and traditional Moroccan seafood dishes
  • Discover the underground cistern, known as the Citerne Portugaise, and marvel at its architectural beauty



  • Pick-up from and drop-off at your hotel or riad in Fes
  • Transport in a private air-conditioned
  • English driver/guide
  • Free time to explore the major sites
  • Stop for breaks or visits whatever you wish


  • Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Tips
How far is El Jadida from Casablanca?

El Jadida is located approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) southwest of Casablanca, making it easily accessible for a day trip.

Are there any local specialties or traditional dishes to try in El Jadida?

El Jadida is known for its delectable seafood cuisine. Don’t miss the chance to savor freshly caught fish, grilled sardines, and traditional Moroccan seafood tagines

What is the best time to visit El Jadida?

El Jadida can be visited year-round. The summer months (June to August) offer pleasant weather for beach activities, while spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) provide milder temperatures for exploring the town’s attractions.

Are there guided tours available for visiting El Jadida?

Yes, there are guided tours available from Casablanca to El Jadida. These tours often include transportation, a knowledgeable guide, and visits to the main attractions, providing a convenient and informative way to explore the town

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Day Trip to El Jadida from Casablanca

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